A Paradise Surrounded by Green

Arabba is transformed in summer, the landscape becomes green and the ski trails become vast fields of meadows filled with flowers

Hiking And Much More...

Arabba and the surrounding mountains are full of trails, hikes and places to discover.

Some lifts are also open in the summer, so as to make it easier to ‘get to the mountain top!

Did you know?

In Arabba you can take part in activities and events such as Sellaronda Bike Day, the HERO Südtirol Dolomites, for mountain bike lovers ; or the  Dolomites Bike Day suitable for all levels and types of bikes.

Mountains are made up of more than just wonderful views; there are various animals living here that must be respected and never disturbed.


Trash in the mountains has slow decomposition processes, and some residues unfortunately fail to decompose.

Trash harms vegetation and animals.

Do not abandon garbage in the nature.

Carry only the bare essentials in your backpack.

What you take with you to the mountains, take back to the valley.

riportalo a valle. 

Albergo Pensione Sport

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