Arabba is located at the foot of the majestic Sella group, a convenient starting point for the Sellaronda, the magnificent Dolomiti Superski area with 450 lifts and 1,200 kilometers of slopes.

Excellent point for the connection with the Marmolada glacier and to be able to make the Tour of the Great War, 80 kilometers between history and nature.

Arabba also offers an illuminated skating rink for the evening.

You can take walks in the woods with snowshoes.

Skiing at the foot of Porta Vescovo

The Arabba ski slopes at the foot of Porta Vescovo are ideal for those who love having fun in the snow of the Dolomites, which cover the views of the UNESCO World Heritage area with a soft white blanket.

The Dolomiti Superski, with over 1200 kilometers of perfectly snow-covered slopes until late in the season, affects the entire Arabba area, connecting it with the other slopes of the area, giving life to an exceptional ski carousel that embraces a large part of the Dolomites. Natural World Heritage Site.

The conca fodoma offers countless opportunities for ski lovers as well as for all winter sports, long descents designed for expert skiers, but also for those who put skis and boots on for the first time, dedicated schools, with expert instructors both for young skiers and adults, with specific courses aimed at all levels of preparation.

There are many routes that can be taken on skis starting from Arabba, to experience the thrill of an excursion to the most beautiful slopes of the Dolomiti Superski. The tour of the great war will allow you to adventure yourself, skis on your feet among the Dolomite peaks, sad scene of the First World War


Arabba and the Fodoma valley are full of attractions for all mountain sports lovers, from the simplest to the most demanding activities, dedicated to experts who can try their hand at their favorite sports.

The Sellaronda can also be traveled in summer, on foot or by mountain bike. With the help of ski lifts thanks to the Mountainpass and with the support of buses, the entire itinerary can be completed in 5-8 hours.

Long walks in the middle of the dense forests of Arabba, where the paths cross each other and wind through green meadows, skirting streams filled with glistening mountain waters, still pure and crystalline.

More experienced walkers who prefer via ferratas and high altitude climbing to Nordic walking and trekking can choose from a wide range of opportunities. The Alta Via number 2, which from Bressanone reaches the Feltrine peaks, also passes between the peaks that overlook Arabba, intersecting with the numerous via ferratas to be practiced only if you are really skilled mountaineers.

Arabba is also the ideal starting point for lovers of two wheels who can have fun both on the roads and on the paths of the Fodoma basin. The Sella Ronda tour, a real itinerary among the most famous Dolomite passes, Pordoi, Gardena, Sella and finally Campolongo, will make you experience the thrill of a ride in the presence of the most beautiful peaks of the Unesco Heritage.

Free climb is one of the most popular sports for those who know the mountain well and decide to become one with its steep and impervious walls, without the aid of any rope, with bare hands on the natural walls of the Dolomite giants. In winter the walls are different, the frozen streams turn into ice sheets and then help is needed, helmet, rope and ice ax for ice climbing lovers.